Time Flys…

4 09 2013
12"&16"; #1&#2

12″&16″; #1&#2

Custom spoke card by B

Custom spoke card by B

It seems like yesterday when Grammy bought him his first bike

TJ Lavin 12″dirt jumper

He was too small to even ride it

Now look at him twelve years old

snaggeletoothed smile

growing out of bikes like sneakers


Watching the Snow Melt…

19 01 2011

Watching the snow melt into a dream
Feeding the taste I have for destination
My life has traveled farther without disappointment
The summit still to reach


23 06 2009

Cave Run Lake Morehead, KY

Cave Run Lake Morehead, KY

The good ol days…
Mullets ruled and helmets
Just messed them up!
No spandex to clog our thoughts
Just good friends rippin track…

Blood Is Thicker…

22 05 2009

than our mustaches for sure…