This is my page to load some slide shows and to give “all of my friends and family” updates on what’s happening in my world…usually consisting of family, house projects, and fun stuff. Although we live close to Durango, Colorado we really reside in Bayfield (just a disclaimer)… I hope you enjoy it!

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11 11 2008
Chris Hebenstreit


My phone died and lost your number but thanks to the interwebs, I’ve tracked you down. Email me or give me a call sometime. I’m sure we have some catching up to do.


21 11 2008
Dan Nesson

Mitch –
How was the White Rim? Check out my blog, it’s updated with skiing, hockey and bike porn dan5280.blogspot.com.

Talk to you soon…. Hopefully we’ll be up in D town for a little fun on Silverton Mountain soon. If not, at the Old Pueblo in Feb.

Good stuff.

10 02 2009

I’m moving to Bayfield next week and I just came across your blog. Looks like there’s a great cycling (and all around outdoors) community in the Durango area. I’m pretty excited. I’ve never done much mountain biking, always stuck to roads, but I’m gonna have to give it a try. Maybe I’ll run into ya on the trail some time this spring/summer.


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