I Heart…

22 11 2010

Chances Are…

16 11 2010

Mesa Verde

Chances are
I’m a shadow on a mountain side
Try standing in my shoes
I want to see your smile when your eyes justify the beauty
It’s not something you can fake
except in the movies
and they have really nice cameras
that can shoot all the different angles
and the helicopter if they need it…

Bikes Are RAD…

2 11 2010

You can’t just have one. They’re like skis or shoes. Every one has a distinct function and form; Powder Skis, XC skis, Cruisers, 1×1, Hiking and Running. Some more apparent in their utility than others. Sure, style plays into it, but it goes even deeper than that if you look close enough. Bottom line,  satisfaction is guarenteed if you pick the right one for the occasion.

Just a few of the horses in my corral