Winter Tales…(with nub)

23 12 2008



Between Snow fall we wait …dreaming of a summer moment.

Short days have long since turned to short nights…
And the dogs are getting their way on the couch again.
Time will tell another winter…

Tales written on windy drift  

Gazing at the traces left behind that blend with tomorrows path.




photo credit "B" Rock


All Aboard!

20 12 2008
Who brought the Grinch?

Who brought the Grinch?

The Polar Express D-go style

The Polar Express D-go style

Get in, Sit down, and enjoy the ride

Get in, Sit down, and enjoy the ride




Polar Express 3D
The Durango Polar Express

Yas! Yas! Yas! Finally!

19 12 2008

“Yas” (also spelled zus) is the Dine’, or Navajo, word for snow…Close to 16″ fell at my house the night before last and around 12″ in Durango…

It’s funny, though, when I ask my Navajo co-workers how to say things in Dine’ they get this funny grin on their face. They like to make fun of me for trying, but I think they respect the fact that I am making an effort. I have a sneaky suspicion they tell me to say things like “You like goats with your pants down” or something… At least I would if I were them. They seem to get a kick out of it when the white boy, or “Bilagana,” gives it a try…Oddly, most have no clue how to spell the words, they just look at me with blank stares and say they only know how to speak it, not spell or write it… with a little bit of digging I have figured out that Yas Njona means “Snow is Good.”

Brady Snowball

Brady Snowball

Shady Snowball

Shady Snowball

Babaghanouj! Is that like Suflaki?

Give it a shot if you dare!
B’s outgrown em a little but still fun around the yard. Let me know if you want the hand-me-downs.
Local tracks


13 12 2008

It’s that time of year where it’s too crummy outside to go out for a big ride…and there’s not enough snow to go ski or snowboard. Unless you go to a resort or are hiking some serious backcountry, you might as well do a bunch of laps around the neighborhood…

Woops! Dropped my gloves...they were soaked in snow when I went back to get them.

Woops! Dropped my gloves...they were soaked in slush when I went back to get them.

The neighborhood dog, "KIKI," likes to ride!

The neighborhood dog, "KIKI," likes to ride!



This makes my rides look a little silly…
Could use one of these in my collection…
but this is way beyond my skills.
Nut Job!


10 12 2008
Even the light looks cold

Even the light looks cold

twenty-two degrees Fahrenheit at 4:30 am equals a cold commute…The hardest part is getting up at 3:30 am, rushing around like I’m late, to be at work by 6:00 am. I wish I were a little faster on the bike to get to Durango sooner, but that just means the cold wind is faster, making for a “chilly willy.” The other hard part is getting home…It adds almost 20 minutes to the ride cuz it’s almost all up hill…

Since I signed up for the cycling log I’m kinda worried I’m gonna bomb. I’m trying to make an effort to put some miles in so I don’t look like a complete jackass…

Gotta start somewhere!

9 12 2008

12.7.09 Phil’s World

8 12 2008
La Plata Grande

La Plata Grande



stinkn' singletrack!


Phil’s World is way out of control…Unbelievable weather out in the “lowlands” near Cortez, CO. I would have had more pics…but the battery went dead…Thanks Gabe for being a willing subject and for a great ride… Thanks to the family for letting us go too.

Oh…BTW disable the audio in the slide show below  ifn’ you get tired of the tunes (187 pics=5 times you listen to it!) or want to watch B’s Video on the previous post…