On Tap…FOTP bitches!

26 11 2008

Awwww yeah! Finally pulled the trigger on making the decision (What?) to head south to Phoenix for the Flight of the Pigs…It looks like rain for Thursday for sure, and a slight chance for Friday when the Flight begins…

The idea is to get as fat as you can on Thursday then ride it all off on Friday over a 70+/- mile course on the best single track Phoenix has to offer…It’s a giant group ride (maybe 60-80 people) ragin’ through…

This will be my third Flight, although I didn’t get credit for my first because my Bro Brian and I cut out a little early because the route took us right by his house before the finish…This year it looks like My boy Scotty, Greg, and maybe Brain are getting their Flight Plans together too…Sweet!


I borrowed the above map from a kid so the start (safeway) is a little off, but you get the jest of it… 



X training…get it while it’s good

19 11 2008

The weather has been in the hi 60’s and sunny lately (remember last winter we didn’t really get snow until January…then it didn’t stop!)…so I’ve been taking advantage by cutting firewood…I wish I were riding, but I can always use “extra wood”. Not too mention I ‘m still a little sore from the work out this last weekend on the bike…

If I “bust a move,” and there is a good standing dead tree available fairly close to where I can get to it with the trailer, I can cut, split and stack a cord of wood in an evening after work. Two days in a row of this regiment, and I’m feeling it today…I’m not sure If it’s me just getting older or that the wood is getting heavier. It also doesn’t help that the trees are usually a little ways back in the woods. Meaning I have to carry it all out to the trailer. The work out is similar to squats at the gym except I don’t have to pay to use the goofy machines…I had a solid three cords piled up already, add a couple in the last two days and it’s looking like I’ll be ready for for the long winter…

Keepin' my baby's momma's butt warm!

Keepin' my baby's mama's butt warm this winter!






“B” Style!

18 11 2008
24 Minutes in the Sage August 2008

24 Minutes in the Sage August 2008






Beer schnapps and hot dogs

18 11 2008

It was all over when he “Smithy” gave me beer schnapps (I should’ve known better) and the “Burt man” offered me a hot dog and a ride to the top…
There’s always next time. Thanks for the great ride yall (right at 25 after the head count.)


So Matt doesn't get offended by my squat peeing!

On tap…White Rim bitches…

13 11 2008

Oh yeah Baby! The Smithy Clan every year puts together a massive group ride for Brian’s birthday on the White Rim (Canyonlands, UT)…Once again I’m subjecting myself to the torture they will bring. It’s not the average group ride mind you…It’s usually packed with pro racer folks looking to have a good time. This means the pace is usually a little slower (moslty cuz they’re hung over), but not by much…Where most of them can pull an 8 hour lap on the WR, I’m normally closer to the 10 hour mark. I’m just psyched to hang with the Gunnison crowd and seea all my old friends. Even though I moslty ride by myself the entire way…

shaefer trail overlook 20+ switchbacks later

shaefer trail overlook 20+ switchbacks later




A little smut for your viewing pleasure

12 11 2008

Here you go…Tom Joyner builds these sweet rides here in Durango…This one sports the Bayfield Wolverines color. I don’t think it was planned that way, but it makes for a good story…




Tom is probably one of the most motivated frame builders I have met… No lag time for him…He’s on it! Give him a shout if you want one:

Thomas Joyner
Norse Cycles
Handcrafted Bicycle Frames in Titanium and Steel
143 E. 13th St
Durango, CO 81301