Arghhhhh…Ughhhhhhh! Rally of the Dead

26 10 2008

The trusty horse rides again...It just doesn't stop very well
The trusty horse rides again…It just doesn’t stop very well!



bike orgy

bike orgy

On tap…Rally of the Dead

23 10 2008


I’ve been wanting to participate in this event fot three years now…here’s my chance…It starts tonight with a group ride…I’m a little scared cuz they mention that we should bring plenty of beer and smokes. Whatever that means…Friday is the Zombie Ball… See ya suckers there!


Bikes are cool, but how cool are they?~reggae remix…

21 10 2008

This guy really loves his bike more than most people… I’m pretty sure even more than me…

Don’t underestimate my ability
Don’t definate my character
Don’t belittle my authority
It is time you recognized my quality ~ peter tosh

more reggaedubska:

Is that enough or should  I add one more? Allright one more!

While we happen to be o n the subject:



Havin’ Funny on the Lower Gunny…

20 10 2008


Oh Man! What a great weekend on the River. Brady and I had a ton of fun…Sorry, no pics though. Mom took the camera to Moab to get some shots of the half marathon she ran…

The weather was perfect though, almost hot at times…Brady loved to jump in and cool off…Shady, our little mutt of a dog, went with us too. To my surprise she did great, except for the occasional burr in her coat. It was as if the “dog whisperer” were with us…she never ran off.. She barked very little and was a calm, submissive dog in the boat.   

It was fun hanging out with Ann-mo and Gregg-mo too… They found a great campsite a little more than half way through the 27+ mile trip…There wasn’t much beach, which made it hard to get all the camping gear in and out of the boat, but it was situated in the middle of some amazing cliff lines that framed the moon  all night…till the sun came up the next morning.

It was a little busier on the river than I thought it would have been though. I guess others had the same idea of getting in one more boat trip for the season. The days are getting really short now, so that didn’t give us much time to paddle down to our campsite. Consequently, we didn’t do any hikes this time. The tail wind, however, made it fairly easy going… You can’t ask for much more than that.

BTW; Traci did awesome and took 10 minutes of her last race time.

Debates 08

16 10 2008

I’m not a political kind of guy…I mean politics aren’t really my thing. Let me put it this way, I know tons of other people who are way more into it than me. It’s the old rule “don’t talk politics or religion” that keeps me from expounding my thoughts idly. It’s mostly that I can’t stand the joker politicians who think I’m dumb enough to listen to their b.s. Not to mention I really don’t do a ton of research on politics to be as accurate as I can be. Sure I have opinions. I even express them occasionally to the folks I know aren’t going to hold them against me. Like you all!

Traci and our good friend Dave Taylor go at it like wild dogs…On one side you have the social worker (Traci) and on the other is Dave, a successful business man…You can imagine the dust that flies for these conversations…In the end though, they both agree to disagree, and then they hug…

I think we could have used a little of that last night at the final presidential debate; a good hug between Obama and McCain…Instead we got this:  SWEET!

Ironically, as I’m sitting here writing this I’m getting a phone call from the McCain campaign. It’s a recorded message telling me Obama has ties to terrorists, and can’t be trusted, and that he was going to kill Americans. Really…that’s what it said. I’m not kidding. I wish I had it recorded because it’s unreal. It even had the “Paid for by McCain…” at the end.

Not only was he wasting my cell phone minutes (yeah that’s right…they called on my cell phone), but I had to listen to him whine last night, insisting that Obama’s side had hurt his feelings. It almost looked like he was going to cry when he referred to John Lewis likening him to that sleaze bag from Alabama, George Wallace.  You know that bigot Governor from Alabama back in the 60’s?

O.K…that was a little harsh, however,  both Lewis and Obama admitted it was taking it too far…

It’s still a bunch of b.s. Obama isn’t calling my cell phone talking trash. Maybe Joe Plumber’s…but not mine. In fact, all I see are homemade signs in people’s yards and the words change and hope (unless you count this prank by Obama):

F-n Rick Astley…

Sorry McCain, but you looked like a scared dog with it’s back against the wall last night…I think you could fairly say you acted like it too…And for the record, I’m registered as an independent…not republican or democrat…I might have hard time voting for the guy who likes to grab ass though…

Post note added 10.20.08: I have heard the message again on some talk radio shows. It actually didn’t say Obabma was going to kill Americans it said that he had ties to Ayers who had killed Americans in the past…Furthermore, McCain makes no apologies, and justifies it by saying it’s a true statement and Americans need to know the truth. Whatever McCain! You have already lost…and you’re only making yourself look more like a Dick!…I said it! But it’s OK because it’s true and Americans need to know!

FYI: I also got a call from the Democrats…It was a real person who left a message reminding me to put two stamps on mail-in ballot. Somehow that didn’t seem so threatening…even when they invited me to a Mark Udall rally. Which I’m not going to…



If only…I had an extra $5,000

15 10 2008

If only…I’d buy one of these sweet “pop-tops”

It comes with matching paint for only $150 more!

The thing is though, I have an idea for a camper trailer made out of the back end of a Honda Element; kind of like a small tear drop trailer.





I don’t want anyone to take my idea, but it would be next to impossible for me to build one on my own… How awesome would it be to hook up with a company like the ones who make the “pop-top” to create the E-trailer to go with the E-camper?

Until then…you can donate to the “mitch get’s camper fund” if you want to make my dreams come true! Hey… a guy can dream right?

On Tap…

14 10 2008
the ancients must have prophesized about the "B"-Man

the ancients must have prophesized about the "B"-man

River trip in October? No way!

It’s true…the boys are headin’ out to the Lower Gunnison (Gunny as we call it fondly) to run the Escalante/Dominguez section this weekend…I can’t do this section of river enough. It’s perfect in many ways: not too far from home, always has water even in the winter, killer day hikes, tons of petroglyphs and rock art (pictured above), usually warmer temps even in the winter, and on and on…

Mom (that’s Traci) is going to Moab to run the 1/2 marathon with her girl friends and the boys aren’t invited. I suggested we go and cheer them on, but they’re not havin’ any of it. So we’re off to worship the river gods on the Lower Gunnison. I can’t count how many times Brady and I have done this trip. Every time as exciting as the last…

I have a ton of pics of this section of river on the photo dump post:

Google maps image of the area:,-108.3464&z=11&t=h&hl=en

da boys in front of an impressive panel of rock art

da boys in front of an impressive panel of rock art

bear paw

bear paw

warrior and horse

warrior and horse

snack time river style

snack time river style


I’ve known rivers:
I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood in human veins.

My soul has grown deep like the rivers.

– Langston Hughes, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers,” 1926