The Deck

28 09 2007

Here are several shots of the deck project. It has been a long struggle to finish this one, but I think we are finally seeing the back end of it. It probably won’t completely be finished until next Spring. I have to add a small landing section and the stairs built from the main section for it to be totally done. The main section is almost finished (and hopefully will be by the time the snow starts flying). All that’s left for that to be wrapped up is the railing, concrete overlay on the deck, a few miscellaneous trim pieces, and the staining.

It’s been a huge process with ups and downs the whole way. From the demolition of the old deck (notice the picture of the bucket of nails. These were pulled from every board of the old deck thanks to Traci.) to cutting and fitting some of the twisted timbers the whole summer seemed occupied by this project. It will be nice to have it all done so that we can enjoy it.


The “Hand Meat”

24 09 2007

I did have a good crash on the last ride. It was about 9:30 at night…Ian and I were on the last climb before we hit the final downhill to Junction Creek. I decided to call Traci (my wife) because we had good cell coverage. After getting the lecture about being out late and being safe, we headed down the last 6 miles or so to the trail head. It wasn’t 10 seconds into it that I fell hard over the bars. It was as if someone stuck a tree limb in my spokes. I wasn’t sure what hit me. I fell fast, and stuck my hands out in front of me.  I was dinged pretty good and noticed some pain from my left hand. After a couple of minutes of getting reoriented my hand still hurt pretty bad. I took my glove off to see if there was anything wrong not expecting what I saw because my glove was not torn or damaged in any way. When I pulled my glove off there was a huge gash  and blood was spurting out. Ian had some gauze and duct tape. So we fixed it up as best as we could and got out of there. It was a rough decent from the top and took two to three times longer than normal.

I didn’t get any pictures. I wish I did because it would have fit well with the slide show. By that point we just wanted to get home. It was dark, cold , and wet.

I’m glad to say my hand is healing pretty well. I think this I week  can get back on the bike. I hope at least…

Molas Pass to Durango

18 09 2007

Check out this ride from Molas Pass to Durango…15 hours +, 80 miles, 10,000′ of elevation ….what a great time. Thanks to Ian for hookin’ me up “Tour Guide” style! Just click on the slideshow button below. It’s as if you were on the ride with us.