12 01 2014



Perspective gathers at the front door before I leave for the daySlept on imagination from the night beforeThe certainty of the path I travel is windblown, thinA narrow line of time and distance


Time Flys…

4 09 2013
12"&16"; #1&#2

12″&16″; #1&#2

Custom spoke card by B

Custom spoke card by B

It seems like yesterday when Grammy bought him his first bike

TJ Lavin 12″dirt jumper

He was too small to even ride it

Now look at him twelve years old

snaggeletoothed smile

growing out of bikes like sneakers

Maui Roubaix…

1 09 2013

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Bicycles beware the rider with thoughts of traveling around

‘We don’t allow our bikes back on the Hana Road,’ said the shifty retailer

…and the pre-dawn start gave way to the morning sun

The tourist trap behind me, I obviously ignored the thoughtless taunt

Wild roosters showed off their brilliant colors and could be heard

in the distance giving the wake up call

Midway, asphalt pave the size of coconuts were served

next to roadside stands stocked full of fresh smiles and tasty fruit

Haleakala’s presence above

I climbed the road high into the clouds to Grandma’s Coffee house

just in time for dinner and several refills.

Way past dark by now, I closed the place waiting for my ride to come

Infact, I severely loitered on the bench at the general store next door;

For hours.

Dark, damp and cold,

I decided to make my way down through the Kula hills

along the shore and back to

the tourist trap I had come from

 170 miles, 26 hours and a missing person person report later the satisfaction

spilled over


5 07 2013
Kennebec Pass

Kennebec Pass

Neil on Slide Rock


18 06 2013

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J.R.A. (just riding along)…

10 06 2013